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Automation is the flavor of the month, at least as far as the advertising industry is concerned, and things may not change for some time.

Many advertisers are taking advantage of buying digital ads from online resources such as Liftoff . This has several great advantages, one of the biggest being, as mentioned, automation.

Online ads are the product being negotiated now but print ads and tv ads might not be far behind. Programmatic Media Buying is an expanding sector due to to its automated approach that not only make the ads more efficient, greater results for cahs but more effective, meaning they can accomplish more when the correct data is applied.

When looking through sites like Liftoff, following are a few things to consider.

What is Programmatic Buying?

Programmatic advertising is a powerful tool of modern advertisers allowing them to automate many of the processes that would otherwise require much time and attention. Those who buy programmatic can choose the parameters for the prices they will bid and the network range they will reach.

The programmatic that you buy will apply several innovative behavioural or audience related adjustment tos the parameters that the buyer has selected. What this means is that marketers will have better control over the marketing budget, goals as well as the attribution model while the platform itself can adjust to the many other variables in real time that will produce the desired ROI.

The algorithms that the platform uses are based on behavioral data that allows the marketers to spend more time on their creative edge rather than factoring in these minuscule details.

A Rapidly Expanding Industry —The programmatic media buying trends has only increased explosively in the past few months. IT is currently on its way to comprising a huge slice of the annual advertising pie which is set at $58 .6 Billion. According to eMarketer, $14.88 billion dollars are already cornered in the media buying market. In 2014, the programmatic buying market was only worth $5.5 billion, when the entire ad market was set at around $10 billion.

It is not only about Direct Response —TV stations and TV ads are taking their inventory and ad time to the web and programmatic buying platforms have more options than ever, this makes this practice very enticing to brand marketers. Imagine this scenario made possible by the world of programmatic media buying.

A specific branding commercial can be lined up for a client on their TV set, which can then be followed up seamlessly with another ad delivered to their Facebook service n their PC or mobile device. There’s hardly any time to think twice.

Data Rules —Online merchants can use these programmatic ad campaigns to disseminate their ads across the campaign and then take a moment to stop and reevaluate their techniques. The data they collect here can help them narrow down their targets by geographic location, audience segment, time of day and many other factors that will help them reach only those they want to reach and not waste resources on the inconsequential.