The Many Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil: 10 Fantastic Ways It Can Help You

Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil

There are many products on the store shelves, just screaming for your attention, but many of them are filled with strange and potentially harmful chemicals, such as BHT, sodium laurel sulfate, Parabens and a host of others. Did you know that tea tree oil alone can help you in many ways, without polluting your body with harmful substances? Here are just 10 of the ways it can work in your life:

1. Tea tree oil can eliminate acne. If you’re battling stubborn acne, the oil can be your saving grace. No more breakouts at the worst possible times, and no more bottles of harsh chemicals to wreak havoc on your complexion. This oil can work wonders in no time at all.

2.  It can cure yeast infections. Not to be taken by mouth, as the oil isn’t edible (it’s toxic, in fact), but when mixed with distilled water and lavender oil, it makes an effective topical treatment for yeast infections.

3. It can sooth minor cuts without irritation. Tea oil is safe to use on children, so the next time your little one scrapes their knee, try dabbing some on the area with a cotton ball. It will heal faster and sting less.

4. Use it to get rid of fungus on your feet. Fungus can lead to all kinds of ickiness on your feet, but not when you’re using TTO. Apply it regularly between your toes and voila, fungus is broken up and soon disappears completely.

5. Also use it on your feet for odor control. Most foot odor is caused by fungus, thus your use of TTO on your feet will serve the dual purposes of eliminating fungus growth and odor at the same time.

6. Cure dandruff and be left with soft, shiny and luxurious hair. Dandruff, too, is fungus; try a spot of the oil on your scalp and see how fast that dandruff is gone.

7. Apply it (carefully) on cold sores. Since it’s not safe to consume, exercise caution when apply to the mouth area. Within a few days, all traces of your cold sore have vanished.

8. Use the oil on serious skin conditions, such as eczema. Even psoriasis can be brought under control with regular use of tea tree oil, which means this is a pretty effective treatment for just about any epidermal ailment.

9. Don’t do a pedicure or manicure without this oil! You’ll have the softest cuticles on toes and feet if you apply a dab of oil, combined with olive oil around each nail.

10. Use this potent oil to clean your home safely. Believe it or not, after all the amazing things it can do for your body, it’s also a powerful cleaner around the house, too. Just mix it with water and vinegar and you’ll disinfect, even killing mold. Add lemon for a zesty scent.

It’s amazing that something so natural can do so much, but that’s really how Mother Nature works. The less toxins your body has to absorb (through eating, breathing, brushing teeth or even putting deodorant on, etc.) the  healthier you’ll be in the long run. Give tea tree oil a try for some of your ailments or beauty needs and you’ll be hooked, like millions of others.