Here Are Four Top Choices For An Italian Restaurant Miami Beach

Miami Beach
Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida is host to some of the best Italian restaurants. In other cities, you might walk into a restaurant, and the ambiance is no indication of what the food is going to taste like. However, that isn’t the case in Miami Beach. The best Italian restaurants there are going to be the real deal. Spend your time at a top Italian restaurant Miami Beach has to offer, and you will enjoy delicious, authentic Italian cuisine and a festive atmosphere.

Cecconi’s just sounds like a cool name, doesn’t it? This top-ranked Italian restaurant Miami Beach has to offer is located on the oceanfront and is known for its romantic atmosphere. Cecconi’s is part of the So-Ho Beach House, and there is valet parking available for patrons. One recent reviewer mentions it was the best food he or she had while vacationing in Florida. That might just mean it’s not just one of the best Italian restaurants but one of the best restaurants in general.

Next up on the must try list is Cibo Wine Bar. This restaurant is very spacious, and rooftop dining is even available. The restaurant is located at 200 South Point Drive, and there is a buffet available. You’re talking all your favorites, and this buffet serves up some of the best authentic Italian food in Miami Beach. As you can imagine, this restaurant also serves up great wine as well as meat and cheese platters for your wine tasting pleasure. To boot, the ambiance is brilliant.

You can order pizza at almost any Italian restaurant of course. Then there are the Italian restaurants that make pizza their specialty. That might be where you want to go if you have a hankering for a delicious pizza pie. Pizza Rustica is one of the highest ranked Italian pizza restaurants in Miami Beach.

What can you expect when you visit Pizza Rustica for a bite to eat? The pictures alone will tell you how plentiful the toppings are. The hamburger looks like giant meatballs. This restaurant serves its pizza up in squares by the way. Naturally, you can build your own pizza, and again, you really need to look at the pictures. One glance, and you’ll be headed there.

At first glance, especially if you’re looking online, you might think that a name like La Locanda means that particular restaurant is going to serve up Mexican cuisine. Hey, that’s fine with me, too, but we’re searching out the best Italian restaurants here. La Locanda is one of the best, and it’s located at 419 Washington Avenue. The pictures that travelers have posted of this place make it look very nice, like you’re actually in Italy.

You might as well pay a visit to all four of these great restaurants while you’re there, especially if you’re an Italian food lover. It’s not like I gave you 20 restaurant names, claiming that they are all ‘the best.’ These are top-rated restaurants in Miami Beach, and if I had to pick one to try out first, it would either be Cibo Wine Bar or Pizza Rustica.